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Why not now?

Why not now?

Can you relate to the feeling of being so overwhelmed with work that you can’t even get started? You have all these great ideas, but you just don’t know where to start. Don’t feel too bad about it; procrastination is a common problem among entrepreneurs. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to overcome your procrastination and finally get things done!

Get it done!

You’ve seen the Nike slogan, now it’s time for this one: Just Do It. (respected trademark) And I’m not talking about running marathons or competing in triathlons. The kind of doing that will make you successful is the sort of doing that involves getting your butt off the couch and starting a business. As you know, there are no guarantees in life but if you’re waiting for something to happen then nothing will ever change. You can’t just hope that things will go well with your business -you have to work hard at it!

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Procrastination is a bad habit that can lead to stress and anxiety. It’s also a major cause of failure in business.

We all do it, but procrastination is one of those things that we just don’t talk about enough. How many times have you been on the verge of starting your own business only to find yourself distracted by something else?

If you’re serious about getting out there and making an impact with your business idea, then this article will help you get started today. Here are seven ways to stop procrastinating and finally start doing the work needed to make your dream happen!


• Decrease stress levels by getting tasks done now
• Cut out those nagging reminders from those around you
• Build self-confidence and regain control of your time
• Eliminate the fear of getting overwhelmed by completing small tasks at a time.

How do I stop procrastinating?

– Set alarms. I need at least three, and they all go off at different times of the day.
– Just mind over matters. Sometimes things will make more sense after a good night’s sleep, or if I’m not too tired, or it doesn’t seem like such a chore to start with because it’s fairly small and doable the first time around.
– Get up and do it! starting with something that needs doing is fairly easy for me then going from there on a todo list works wonders.
It does take a lot of dedication on your part to see progress within weeks/months instead of days/weeks as some would have you believe but remember the process isn’t always as difficult

Small tip: I always start a to-do list and write “1. Start a to-do list” and then I cross it off, seriously. it helps.

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