UI/UX Design

We Build Optimal Intersections Between Business Goals and Users Needs which lead to enhanced visitor engagement.

Why is UI/UX important?

What is it about certain websites that user finds appealing and wants to re-visit? Is it the simpleness, instinctive design or just that it is easy to use?

Optimising your systems using UI/UX, will likely to give your brand an advantage over your competitors.  Users are more likely to engage in the technology is easy to use.

Customers always expect products to be user-friendly and appealing. User interface design (UI) and user experience (UX) is the only way to present your product how your customers want. UI relates to the look, feel presentation and interactivity of your product. UX optimizes the interactivity and flow. UX works on evidence-based research.

If your customers are suffering from user experience failures or you are having high bounce rate ask yourself what is missing. Are you having a lot of user complaints? Probably you are neglecting UI/UX, or you already have. It will cause frustration among your users in the long run. Are sure you want to lose customers due to this frustration?

UI/UX is something that should be considered at the early stage of the website development. If you have missed it then don’t worry, Gadai provides User interface design and User experience service for new or existing websites. We make sure that your product is convenient, accessible and valuable to its consumers.

UI/UX Designs

  • Implement User Experience early to prevent usability issues and costly redesigns.
  • Create products that people want to use
  • Increase conversion rates through more site interaction
  • Improve your SEO rating and increase organic traffic
  • Ensure excellent customer retention

Gadai believes that UX is based on user analysis. It’s the understanding of human psychology and behavior when interacting online.

A usability assessment can uncover the most common problems and begin the process of making changes and carrying out tests. Based on the result Gadai implements effective changes.

Research: We identify the best possible way to get your end users to interact with your brand & product.

Information design: We highlight the structure and organization of the information you want to present to your audience/customers.

Interaction design: Gadai designs using wireframes or prototypes followed by user testing and feedback.

Visual design: Our Graphic Designer collaborates with the UX expert to ensure your product is visually pleasing and functional.

Front-end development: We build the client-facing product(website) according to the designs and wireframes.

Back-end development: We build the back-end of your software solution.

You can check some of our successful UI design by visiting the portfolio page. We start the work with a thorough understanding of your clients and their needs. We don’t approach each project with a preconceived set of notions. We always take the time to discover what’s unique about your business and your products. It helps us to develop customized GUI designs that are effective and which will drive success to your business.

If you’re not convinced that there’s a clear link between UX/UI design and business success, feel free to contact us.

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