Tech Consultation

Tech consultation is one a trendy topic nowadays. For any business, tech consultation is needed for business growth and increase sales. But is it affordable for small business owners? Gadai has brought an innovative tech consultation which not only affordable but only industry standard.

When will you know that you need consultancy? When you feel, have everything for your business growth, but you are missing the x-factor. It’s the professional opinion about how to resolve the problem. Business owners often face inefficiencies, cost overruns, and other significant operational issues. Gadai’s tech consultation provides services to leverage technology & automation to eliminate any problems your organization faces.

Our experienced consultants have a firm knowledge of technologies the modern business uses to mitigate their inefficiencies. These technologies are needed for mitigating inefficiencies. To implement the latest business automation services, our consultants will perform a full network and infrastructure assessment that will give us a better idea of what kind of changes need to be made.

Since a solution is not the only thing our tech consultants focused on, we also make a comprehensive plan on how you can leverage technology to sustain the growth & eliminate profit-sapping inefficiencies over time. Our tech consultation service includes hardware refreshes, software deployment, additions to network and physical security, and much, much more.

Our tech consultants have precise knowledge about how today’s most dynamic IT systems work and how to optimize them for better efficiencies. We don’t just focus on short time solution but prepare strategies for long time growth. We find the best strategic plan which works for your business. Some of Gadai’s core services are,

  • Network and server management
  • Business continuity by providing backup and recovery
  • Email services/spam filtering
  • 24/7 dedicated customer service
  • Cloud hosting
  • Performance enhancement
  • Technology assessment, installation, and upgrades
  • Security plan & threat analysis
  • Business process optimization action

Both the technology and culture needs to be changed. A company’s ability to coup up with changes will be considered as the ability essential for surviving in a time of unprecedented business disruption. IT is also the key to build an agile, adaptable and designed to thrive business model.

From machine learning to natural language processing, AI is the leader of futuristic technology. It will undoubtedly change the relationship between technology and people. AI also promises a future where it will enhance the human ingenuity.

Gadai provides next-generation cybersecurity services to make business stronger from inside out. We are continuously improving our services to protect your entire value chain. Our Tech consults will asses your risk factors and provide step by step guide secure your business.

Keeping the data safe as well as accessible across different devices is the key now. We provide enterprise cloud services to drive innovation and accelerate your company’s growth. Our expert will help asses your business objectives and growth strategies before implementing any cloud services. If you have already started your cloud migration, our experts can accelerate the transformation.

The digitalization process is the key to success now. Digitalization helps reduce the workforces and also enables to engage resources for company growth.

Our experienced consultant team will first discuss with you about possible technology changes and develop an implementation plan. You will also get a cost guideline. It’s a painless process, and our expert will help you at every step. After finalizing everything, we will start the process. Feel free to contact us for any query.

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