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React Native

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Experts in React Native

We are experts in react native and web versions of react js which is not to be confused with react native although we can handle both. With over 1 billion downloads, React has become the most popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. We have developed many successful projects over 5+ years making us one of the best React Native Developers

Native yet flexible

Gad.AI is a leading expert in react native, mobile development and digital marketing solutions based out of Atlanta Georiga but serving clients all over the world. We have expertise in various technologies like NodeJs/MongoDB, Python/Flask/Django, PHP7 & Laravel.


Javascript React Native is one example of how modern javascript can be used to develop cross-platform mobile applications. React Native uses Javascript to bridge the gap between native mobile application development and web-based development frameworks such as ReactJS. This allows developers to use their existing knowledge of ReactJS to create fully functioning mobile apps that can be deployed on iOS and Android devices alike.

Design Focus

When it comes to designing components, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind. First, each component should be isolated from the others — think of them as modular building blocks that can be combined in different ways to create unique UI designs. This isolation makes it easier to reason about your code, and also helps maintain consistency across different parts of the app.

Second, pay attention to how stateful and stateless components interact with each other. Stateful components tend to be user-specific

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Component Based & Flexible

Components are the core building blocks of React. In a React Native app, each screen is typically a separate component. Planning your app's architecture around these independent units makesyour code more maintainable and flexible.

Plan your components


When creating an application with React Native, it’s important to plan out your components before you start coding. This means thinking about the hierarchy of your application, and what each component will need in order to function.

It’s also important to remember that React Native uses JavaScript for development, so you’ll need to be familiar with that language in order to create components that work correctly. The best way to learn more about React Native is by reading the official documentation and trying out some example applications. If you do have a budget for a team to assist in development please do contact us to see how we can build your React Native App.


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