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Quality assurance is a term that has both a solid and whimsical element. On one hand, you have the serious focus on effectiveness needed to reach your goals. On the other, there is humor when considering just how much time can be spent in making sure things are done well from start to finish. Your customers will appreciate the seriousness of this title when they see just how much improvement their business will experience with its new promises for improved quality.

Regression Testing

You have a product that you want to launch, but it's not working. It keeps crashing or the UI is confusing your users. The problem here is obvious - your team isn't qualified enough to solve these problems on their own. They need help from an outsider who can tell them what they're doing wrong and how to fix it before it's too late!

We are professionals with years of experience in software testing and QA automation, so we will give you exactly what you need at this critical stage of development. Our testers will find flaws in your code before anyone else does, saving you time and money while ensuring that the end-user experience meets or exceeds expectations!

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Automated Testing

Problem: We all know that testing is important, but it's also hard to do well. Agitate: You want to make sure your application works as expected before you release it, but manual testing can be expensive and time consuming. If you don't test thoroughly enough, users will find bugs and bad reviews will kill your business.

Our intelligent automated testing software saves you time and money by using machine learning algorithms to quickly locate the issues in your app. Unlike other traditional solutions like Appium or Selenium, our solution does not require any coding knowledge - just upload a screenshot of what should happen next on each page of the app (or use our GUI) and let us do the rest! No more waiting for build times or dealing with buggy tests suites - we give you instant feedback so you can fix problems faster than ever before!

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Time Dependent

Software developers are always running into bugs and problems that need to be fixed quickly. It can take hours or even days for a developer to fix a bug in their code if they don't have proper tools to find them.

Quality Guaranteed

At Gad Ai we take care of everything from project planning down to final delivery by having extensive experience within this field. We understand what goes into creating high-quality code bases and can help you build something users love using our years of industry knowledge and expertise!