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Prioritizing Features in a Mobile App MVP

A minimum viable product or MVP in mobile app development is the initial version of a product that can be tested in the market. An MVP is a low-risk way of getting user feedback and ensuring your app’s success.

When creating an MVP, you should know which features to prioritize. Always keep in mind your company’s goals in releasing this MVP. That way, you won’t stray away from the important attributes that you want to put in your app. Learn how to separate your short- and long-term objectives from determining the features that will be included by launch and the ones to be added in a later period.

To help you with which features to prioritize in an MVP, here are some things to consider.

User Wants VS User Needs

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, you should always look at your consumers’ wants and needs. However, you must know how to differentiate these two from each other. Discuss with your team the value of each feature and how it could help your customers.

If too many “wants” would be included in your MVP, it could hurt your product during your initial launch. Some features can be added to your product roadmap for future reference.

Customer Feedback Channels

Don’t forget to provide channels for customer feedback. This is an essential factor that will help your development team to create decisions based on data and research.

Your customer feedback will also determine iterations you can focus on next.

Roadmap Metrics and Changes

The app development team should have defined key performance indicators at an early stage, and an MVP would help in discovering these.  

Your metrics would depend on the industry you are in, the type of business and product you have, and which production stage you are in. Some parameters may include user satisfaction, churn and retention rates, number of active users, as well as its growth, conversion, and revenue. 

Once your MVP stage is done, revisit your roadmap and decide which ones to adjust. Once customer feedback comes in, discuss with your team the improvements to make in the roadmap. The adjustments you make in your roadmap should be according to the needs of your users.

Competitive Analysis

One of your MVP’s goal needs to be finding your app’s unique value proposition. Figure out features that your customers need, which your competitors cater to and have yet to do. By doing so, you will be ahead of the competition in your specific niche.

Find out what other related apps are up to by checking out blogs, video reviews, social media platforms, and online forums. You can also pick up a lot of insights from your target market during your research. When you explore different channels, you will know more about your users’ comments and suggestions in which you can apply to your app.

What’s Next For Your Mobile App

The insights you get from the MVP will assist you in planning for a feasible product roadmap. This roadmap will then help you and your team in developing a successful app. 

If you are planning to develop your mobile app, then we are here to help. Contact us now.

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