Discovery in Recovery

Discovery In Recovery™ is a free iPhone app of practical and user-friendly tools to empower you throughout your journey to eating disorder recovery. Designed specifically for “on the go,” the app helps you to track your intake, practice mindful eating, estimate exchanges though the bar code scanner, engage in joyful movement, and stay inspired. What’s more, through the Discovery In Recovery app you will be able to stay connected by easily sending your tracked information to your treatment team, by posing your questions to our registered dietitian, and by finding free groups if you need a little extra support!

With the Discovery in Recovery app you can…
– create and export your grocery list
– get new weekly recipes with exchange values
– track and export your food intake with corresponding hunger and emotions
– receive a daily inspirational quote
– set commitments to yourself
– learn tips for practicing joyful movement
– find free support groups
– ask our registered dietitian a question
– shop with a purpose
– participate in the creation of the app

The Discovery In Recovery App preserves your privacy while providing you with easy-to-use, powerful tools to help you on your path to lasting recovery.