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Online Marketing and What You need to Know About It

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Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, whatever you want to call it, has taken the world by storm and certainly given many opportunities to those people who otherwise would have never had one. Advertising was a tough game before the internet came around. Small businesses and companies could barely keep up with the larger giants and it seemed that all was for naught for them.

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But then the internet came along ad changed up everything. It gave small businesses a chance to thrive on them on their own and at inexpensive rates as well. You had to hire advertising agencies in the past that have ridiculous rates and are certainly not meant for people just starting out. 
But even if you are going into digital/online marketing there are a few certain things you need to know and absolutely need to implement. Do not go into it blind!

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Every online advertising platform lets you fine tune your ads so that they only get to the people you want them to get to. This means that you must know everything there is about your demographic.  It is a common saying that marketing relies on the thought put behind growing frameworks and not campaigns. But more on that later.

You need to conduct surveys upon surveys to get to know your customer better and know exactly what they want. Nail down the age you are aiming for as well as this will be a huge deciding factor. 

You should ask yourself who are the people who would be using your product, what do they want, what do they appreciate, what are their interests etc. Know the ins and outs of your customer and only then can you market to them.

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Now that you know who your customer is, start on making an entire marketing strategy around them. This strategy should be the long haul and should account for any changes you might make later on. The return on investment (ROI) should be your end game and you do not get to play that game simply by guessing.

Building an online marketing framework is as inexpensive as it gets and you know when it works because the data is at your fingertips. The ROI on online marketing yields more results than anything. Thus the framework should ideally mirror this principal. Once you have built the framework, test it with a focus group and get results back from it to further implement them back into your plans. Doing this repeatedly should flush out any and all errors in your plans. Once your plans are starting to be implemented, keep track of all the data that you would need. This is important to then tabulate the results and make changes where they need to be made.

Your main goal should be to laser focus on the users you want instead of the users who you do not have. Shaping your campaigns to only target them has proven to be highly successful. 


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