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The Importance of Having a Mobile App
Mobile App

The Importance of Having a Mobile App

Mobile applications, known as apps, are software programs that run on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. An app’s purpose and function are almost the same as its desktop counterparts. 

While some apps are pre-installed in specific smartphones, there are still many apps that users can download in application stores such as Android apps in Google Play Store and iOS apps in Apple’s App Store. 

To date, there are 1.83 million apps available for users to install from the Apple App Store. On the other hand, there are over 2 million apps available on the Google Play Store, according to Statista. 

App usage in the US

In 2018, there are 422 million mobile subscriber connections in the US. This should not be a surprise as there are 262 million mobile phone internet users in the country, and it is estimated that it will grow to 287 million in the next four years.

This year, eMarketer reported that users in the US spend more time using mobile devices than watching TV. It was said that the average adult usually spends 2 hours and 55 minutes on a smartphone, and 90% of their time is used to check smartphone apps.

Among all the apps across genres, Facebook is the most popular in September 2019 with almost 170 million monthly mobile users, based on a report by Statista. For entertainment apps, Youtube is the most used music and video app. Netflix and Apple Music follow this lead.

It is also important to note the expanding sales of mobile e-commerce, with 80.64% of users accessed Amazon’s mobile app in September 2019. Walmart’s and eBay’s apps followed with 46.08% and 33.28%, respectively.

What having a mobile app means to businesses

With the continuous growth of mobile app users, businesses need to join the list of numerous apps available in app stores. 

As a marketing tool

Mobile apps have been used as a marketing tool to increase brand exposure and directly send info to customers. Whether it is an update to your brand or upcoming promotion, you can interact with users using your business’ app. Push notifications, a pop-up notification in devices, also remind customers about your products or services whenever you want to. This way, you can convert your potential customers to purchasing ones.

Engaging with your customers

Customer engagement is indeed a good reason why your business needs to have a mobile app. Once you get people to install your app, you can communicate with them regularly, staying close to them. Thus, you can also build customer loyalty when you have an app.

Source of information

If you’re an e-commerce brand, mobile apps are an avenue to source information about your potential and current customers’ preferences, as well as their buying patterns. You would even know their feedback, which you can use to improve customer experience and boost your sales, too.

The rise of mobile gaming

If you are in the gaming industry, then you are aware of the current popularity of mobile gaming. Whether the game is exciting or just plain repetitive played to pass the time, this form of entertainment is a sure way to get mobile users attention.

Time to step up your app game

Stay ahead of your competitors by having an app for your business. With the proper planning and development, a mobile app can work wonders once done right. So, leave the app development to expertsAt Gadai, we have a team of experts who will help you throughout the process – from consultation to creation. If you’re ready to start, feel free to contact us.

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