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How Long Does It Really Take to Build a Mobile App?
Mobile App

How Long Does It Really Take to Build a Mobile App?


According to research, developing a good mobile app takes between 3 and 9 months. Your timescale will be affected by factors such as the composition of your development team and the development approach you adopt.


App development might take anywhere from 3 to 9 months, depending on the app’s complexity and the structure of your project. Of course, there are various stages to developing a mobile app, and each stage takes a varied amount of time.


For mobile app development to proceed well, you’ll need the ideal team in place. Before development begins, the product manager and designer(s) should create documentation.


It’s critical to prioritize the features you build when designing the front end of your mobile app with the back-end infrastructure.


Here are some of the tips that needed to be taken while building a mobile app:

  • Writing a project brief

This is something that many people overlook. The better the brief, the less time it will take to comprehend the project completely. You’ll need to know the project’s goals, success metrics, request for proposal, non-disclosure agreement, budget range, and estimated delivery date to give your development business a thorough grasp of your project.

  • Researching your ideas with the developers

There’s a lot more to researching an app idea than just making sure it’ll operate. That should be the first thing your development firm tells you. The goal of the research stage is to have everyone on the same page about the market, your users, the problem, and what success look like for your app.

By the end of this stage you should have the following:

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

This is the most basic functionality that your app will require. This should include all of the features that your initial users are looking for, excluding any functionality that isn’t necessary for launch.

User stories

A notion of how users will use and what they will do with your app. These stories describe a user and their final objective, as well as the pages and navigation that they utilize to get there.

App prototype

We don’t mean a fully functional app when we say prototype. At this stage, the prototype should be built around the most significant features or functions of your project, so they can be tested and confirmed before you start developing.

  • Design sprints

This is used to put your app through its paces. They normally take about a week to complete; if you don’t employ them, difficulties and adjustments will arise later in the project, requiring considerably more time.

  • Development and prototyping

Rapid prototyping complements design sprints by allowing you to quickly construct iterations of your app that can be tested with real users and adjusted depending on their feedback.

This method of prototyping will save you and your developers a lot of time because modifications can be made quickly rather than waiting until the final version to realize you need to make a bunch of changes.

  • Continuous improvement

You must continue to improve your mobile app and look for new tools and features to make it better. While using the app, keep an eye on future developments and probable consequences or difficulties.

  • Post-launch support

This one is a little more difficult to call. Even after you’ve launched the app, you’ll need to devote time to it for updates and maintenance. There’s no way of knowing how much time continual upgrades would consume because the backlog of app ideas and features might be of any length, prioritized in any way, and take any amount of time and money to construct.


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