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Gadai offers a complete competitor analysis.

Would you like to know about the latest trends in research so that your company can keep up with all of the competition? Gadai Researchers is a product design and strategy firm set out to help companies succeed and reach new heights. Proudly based out of Atlanta, GA we hope to offer our clients custom lens for viewing any or all subjects right from their home office.


Innovators and entrepreneurs know that having a good idea for an app or business model doesn't guarantee success. You also need to be able to execute the concept on time and within budget. So it's important you're always completely aware of your competitor activity and how it compares against yours, not just in terms of data but also with regards to KPIs such as active users data, user demographics, overlapping apps, revenue contribution per product type etcetera. With this insight at hand you can adjust accordingly so as to stay ahead of the curve!

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What Gad.Ai has that you need? We can deliver! Have a project in mind, but no time to devote to it? Leave it to us and we'll all of your worries away with our innovative approach to helping companies succeed through the app process. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and days running out on programming deadlines.

The Gad.Ai is the ultimate research assistant - do your homework and app analysis on-demand, for you

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GadAi will give you a helping hand with ad strategies to help your business succeed. Find out how to generate more revenue and stay on top of the competition all from the convenience of your home!

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Gad.Ai lays out all the information you need to know about your app, its users, and their behaviors in one simple dashboard report. Become a data-driven marketing guru with Gad.Ai!