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Manufacturing Secrets You Need to Know


Having trouble getting manufacturing safely on the rails as many have done so before you? Well, truth be told no one comes out the door with the perfect manufacturing process and started to sell millions on the first day. Every company spends times and money perfecting their process so that once their product is out, they do not need to halt production to then overhaul the process again

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Know What You Want to do and Become

Too many think diversification early on is a great thing since it puts them ahead of the game. If you are not focusing on one major thing or product, there is no chance in hell that you can focus on 10 things at once. In the 2008 economic crisis, the companies that were focusing on one thing at a time were the ones that emerged stable and successful.

So always make sure that you are focused on making one thing work and then move on to diversifying your portfolio.


Communication is Key

Keep good communication between your design team and your manufacturing team. Trust us, although it sounds like this should go without saying but a lot of companies in practice do NOT end up doing this. They think it will happen naturally, but unless you make it happen it will rarely ever happen.

Design ideas and manufacturing processes should be top of the line as well. Design ideas can be solicited from many sources (crowdsourcing being one example) and then you can pass these off onto your manufacturing team. This team should then only employ processes that cut downtime and resources used. This means that in the future when your company grows, you would not have to sp


Value Your Suppliers

You do not want a supplier to disappear into thin air in the middle of a manufacturing process, trust me. You as the boss have to make sure to get rid of any financial or any other headaches out of the way of your suppliers so you have a smooth process. Also always make sure that your suppliers focus on research and development rather than price alone. 

You should also make sure if you are importing parts or not. If you are, the prices of these are subject to extreme change with change in government regulation.  Keeping in mind the cost footprint should always be a concern for you since it could be a major deciding factor in the future.

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