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Working on Your App Idea
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Working on Your App Idea

We get it. You have an excellent idea for an app. You think this can help people, educate them, or even give entertainment.

The idea has been in your head for weeks now or maybe for months.

AND you think you can profit from it.

Great then! So, what do you do next? 

Good thing that you stumble upon this blog post. We’ll give you some important factors that you need to note when working on your app idea.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: write down the idea and describe it as much as you can. Make sure that you remember everything you want to include about the future app you’re about to build. 

Then what?

Here are what you need to do if you’ve already decided on your app idea.

Research the Market

Do your research once you thought of a concept that you wish to develop into an actual app.

Spend time studying the market, which includes the target end-users and competitors. Ask yourself who your market is and what problem your app will solve for them. 

Then, check who your competitors are and how you are different from them. Also, see what they can do and what you can’t. Identify if your target users find it essential or not.

Choose Your Platform

Determine if your target app users are using Android or iOS more. 

Knowing a lot about your users and where they are will help you discover this aspect. 

Are there more Android users than iOS users? Where will your app be more profitable? These are some questions you need an answer to before picking a platform.

To give you an idea, a We Are Social report compared the percentage of web page requests from March 2020 vs. March 2019. 72.3% of the web traffic originated from Android devices, while 27.0% came from Apple iOS devices.

Moreover, study what features your target users look for when using apps and if your chosen platform can handle it. 

Take the pros and cons of launching your app in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store and compare them before deciding where to put your app. However, remember that you can always have a multi-platform mobile app.

Develop and Launch the App

It can be pretty costly to hire mobile app developers, test, deploy, and promote an application, but when you find the right team that can help you build your app and launch it in app stores, it’s going to be worth it.

Mobile app development can cost around $1,000 to more than $100,000. Check your budget and the features you want for the app. 

Once you’ve launched your app either in the App Store or the Play Store or on both, promoting it should be the next step. You can create a website and social media pages to start with.

The hardest part is when the development and promotions begin. You may have an excellent app idea, but what would you do with it if it just stays as an idea?

Now, it’s time to take the first step. Show your commitment to turning your app idea into an actual app, and show the world what it can do. 

What’s next?

It’s easy to come up with an app idea; figuring out what to do next is difficult. Once your app idea is ready, you will have different priorities to manage. 

Everything takes time and energy, but if you can knock them out of the park, you will be well on the way to start developing your dream app.

Ready to build your app idea into reality?

If you are ready to take your idea to the next level and have it developed by a professional team, let’s chat! Our team at GADAI will work with you from start to finish.

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