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How to make my mobile app smarter?
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How to make my mobile app smarter?

Mobile apps are great, but sometimes they can be a little too dumb. If you’re an entrepreneur with an app that needs to interact with other services or have some logic behind it, chances are your developer has done what they could to make the thing work. But there’s always room for improvement!  Learn how I’ll show you how to build intelligence into your mobile app and make it smarter than ever before! (in our next article including how neural networks work)
Let’s talk about making our mobile apps smarter by adding some Better User Experience (UX) and User  Interface (UI). We will discuss the following topics: -How UX works -What UI is -How we can use them together with our app  -Differences between these 2
Gadai Mobile App Planning

Unfortunately, there is no one-size fits all answer to that question. Every app is different and needs to be catered to the end user’s needs. Here are a few considerations you should make when developing your mobile app which will help you focus on their main tasks:
-How often do they use the app?
-When are they using it?
-What time of day are they using it?
For example, if an app’s primary functionality revolves around personal fitness goals, you might want to ask how frequently the user looks at his or her progress. If he or she does this everyday in the morning than maybe what would be more intriguing for them in terms of content would be an increased amount of articles about fitness.

Mobile App UI
File Transfer and Sharing Mobile App, Material Design UI, UX and GUI template including Create Profile, Menu, Setting, Send Option, Sending Process, Confirmation, Receiving Process, Received Files and Exit Screens.


UX for example;

It is very difficult to know about all of the different ways people use apps, but identifying their top tasks can go a long way to improving the mobile experience. For example, if users on your app want to scan and upload documents and photos, you might think of adding an inline editing feature which would allow them to more easily crop and select their best shots without having to click away from where they were. This is UX – user experience design – that empowers with intelligence.

User experience design is a balance between intuition and data. If you’re looking for the best user experience, then it’s important to consider your customer’s needs in terms of both qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative testing may be more subjective but can provide valuable insight into what users might want or need in order to complete their tasks on your site. Quantitative tests will tell you hard facts like how long people stay on your website after they visit, where they click most often, which pages are viewed the least frequently, etc. These two types of research should work together as forces that push each other forward towards better designs-and ultimately better UXs! To help get started with this process we’re offering free consultations at www.gad.ai/now or click the consultation button up top!

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