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Gadai Consultation will do the hard work for you. We tap in since 2007 years of industry-rich expertise in mobile application development to guide and aid businesses in their mobile initiatives - including device compatibility research, MVP and PoC development, features or usability improvement of current mobility solutions as well as an implementation of new app concepts from scratch. With Gadai Services on your side, things seem easier then ever before.

Strategic Consulting

Gadai Consultation is a mobile app for modern company life: do more and work less. We employ savvy, knowledgeable business consultants to take on projects at your pace while we mind the details of your office affairs. So you can focus on what really matters: building an app empire.

Still relying on the help of your old pals? There are none smarter than Gadai Consultation. We know what you want, and we know how to get it done without any stress or fussing at all.

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App/General Consultation

We are not the kind of company that believes developers have all are good ideas-surprising! We'll provide you with insightful perspectives on your product. Heard about that really cool app idea? Want to know if it's moving or squat? Well, we're here to take you out for a stroll.

It's about time you had a consult with us. We can provide you custom app development for your business model. If it's not the best thing since sliced bread, we'll give it right back to ya!

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Consultation has an understanding that can put you in the driver's seat of technology. We will find out your main goal and then give our best advice to keep you on track, so stay tune!

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Whether you were looking for to get advice on your startup idea, hire someone for technical questions, or get an app designed and launched, - the ultimate consultancy tool - is there to help get you started.