TGS Is The Good Steward

About TGS Is The Good Steward

Credit Monitoring & Charty

We're here to help you stay financially responsible for yourself, your family, and the past. The next time that little voice in your head tells you to take a cruise while not getting anything on credit cards, don't listen! Tap into our team of experts at for up-to-the second updates on the financial state of the world.

Manage Your Credit
Cards in One App

Manage your credit cards properly in one app. The Good Steward Financial System or TGS lets you track and update your credit profile regularly. With TGS, we want to help you know your credit card usage more. How much are you spending? What are your recent transactions? Which credit card should you use for a specific purchase? TGS will suggest depending on your credit profile.

Handle your finances better with TGS

TGS serves as a cross-credit platform checking system, making sure you're informed of your spending habits. Aside from your credit, you can also calculate your debt to income ratio and usage that you can use when you want to invest in a new home or other opportunities.

Know Your Credit Score

Get a peek at your spending patterns and how it affects your credit profile.

Fast & Secure

With TGS, you are sure that you can use its features quickly and safely. The app is easy to navigate. And when you use it, you know that your information is stored securely.