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Be proud for who you are.

Pride app is the perfect companion to help you find that elusive pride-owned or queer-friendly business. It might be tricky finding a safe space for your family during Pride, but no worries! Rather than having to rely on word of mouth, this handy dandy app has made it all so easy - just open up this app and start searching. You'll have plenty of options at your fingertips in seconds, so go ahead and explore what's out there with Pride on your phone.

Celebrate Pride every day

Search for LGBTQ-friendly businesses in your area and show your love and support to the community by visiting local businesses that are pro-LGBTQ.

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If you are looking for pride-friendly shops or restaurants near you, then the Pride app is made just for you! You can also leave reviews about the business to inform other users about how the place's products or services are. Are you an owner of a particular business in the listing? Claim it and edit the information if needed.

User friendly

User experience is important to us, so we make sure that Pride is easy to use. Searching for establishments in the Pride app is simple. Find places near you using geolocation or with an area's zip code.

Just for you

With the Pride app, you are sure that you can use its features quickly and safely. The app is easy to navigate. And when you use it, you know that your information is stored securely. The app sends you notifications whenever you need to know about a particular business or your own business listing.


Provide feedback about a business or view reviews about a business left by others! Be proud to support businesses and a community that will thrive.