About BlackOut-365 Mom and Pop & Minority owned.

Exposure to local and small businesses

We believe in supporting people over corporations. That's why black-out365 has created a new kind of app that lets you do just that. Here at black-out365, we know it’s not always easy to find the best possible product for our needs so we want to support minority businesses and organizations through our newly designed mobile app. We understand that browsing can sometimes be frustrating with limited options or simply no options, which is why this new app will allow you to show your Power by supporting minorities with purchasing power!

Support small businesses around your area with Blackout365

Blackout365 encourages you to shop from nearby small business owners. Inspired by Juneteenth, Blackout365 helps you focus on small business owners such as black-owned, LGBTQ+ community and minority-owned businesses, mom-and-pop shops, and online businesses.

Say Hi To Businesses

You can call or send messages to businesses listed on Blackout365 for inquiries.

Set Up Your Business Page

If you are a business owner, add your products or services, complete the information needed, and wait for customers to reach out.

Data Security

Your important personal information is safe with us. Only you have access to it.

Save Your Faves

Bookmark your favorite stores or the ones you'd like to try soon.