App Development with Microsoft Azure

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App development is not the huge, overwhelming task that is used to be, and services such as Microsoft’s Azure make sure independent small parties can compete with tech giants. Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that provides computing resources such as remotely hosted versions of Microsoft’s own products, technologies, and resources.

To aid app developments, Microsoft offers open source technologies as well such as open-source operating system Linux, and the ability to deploy inside a virtual machine. Along with that, resources and platforms are provided to aid app development.

Microsoft Azure is a remote cloud service. This means that smaller businesses looking to break the market may have the same storage options as the bigger companies do. Some bigger companies in fact do use Azure as a storage solution. Because it’s no longer viable for companies to invest in large server cabinets and to invest in starting resources just to get to deploy their app.

The same goes for the resources needed to build an app. The programming languages, the compiler, and executors. It shouldn’t be too farfetched for a normal developer to acquire. And with Microsoft Azure, it isn’t. 

Azure offers three times of services, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

IaaS is the base subscription service Microsoft Azure provides and is the one used by most small-time app developers. Clients are given a server and storage in the cloud. Clients have full control over the virtual machine and are given full autonomy over the management of the service. This means the Azure will not to the management for you and from the operating system to the programming language, all of it will be under your control.

SaaS is a service provided by Microsoft Azure where applications may be built and hosted on third-party vendors. Applications are developed and launched on the cloud to avoid the high maintenance costs of development and launching. Applications are therefore easily available. Office 365, Google Apps and even Netflix are examples of SaaS.

PaaS is the category growing companies’ use. Clients are given an entire server in the cloud, an entire operating system, an SQL database, a code executor and tools to facilitate software development. Microsoft also offers to manage these systems so management of the operating system and the code platform is handled so that the developer can focus on building their application. 

Azure supports a variety of programming languages, tools, databases, and devices to accommodate businesses in their IT. Azure enables developers to set their application or product out there almost immediately, providing security and safety alongside. The cloud service enables developers to scale their projects to their demanded size. Maintenance is also not a major issue since it is backed by a vast infrastructure.

Smaller developers now have the same footing as the tech giants and can start and finish their dreams.

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