Why Is My Website Not Getting Clicks?

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So you have spent all this money creating this beautiful website for your work, business, blog or personal use but it just is not getting the results you so wished that it would get. Bit of a bummer is it not? The developers wished you such amazing results as well so what is going on.

Truth be told, there are a number of reasons why your website might be tanking. A lack of experience and technical knowledge is one of them. There is only so much the developers can do and then it is up to you to try and convert that into a lead generation process or whatever you wish. 

But if you are not following the appropriate practices that are required for a websites success then the entire website might as well be a hole that you throw money into every month.

So what are these practices that you have to follow that make your website get more clicks? Well you have follow a few certain things.

Follow Every Tenet of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the key to putting your website on the map of the internet. This map is of course your preferred search engine. The choice of search engine is entirely dependent on what your demographic uses. Google is the choice for many but do not go for what is popular rather see what your demographic is using the most.

Then create content using certain trigger keywords that you know your users will search up. Find these key words using various tools available online. One such free tool is Google Trends that shows you the popular search terms over a while. You can use this tool to see what terms to use in the content on your website.

Take Care of Your Ranking

One of the reasons why you might not be getting clicks would be because you have not used the practices that will boost your ranking on a certain search engine. To do this you will need to do a few things.

Is your content actually helpful or just fluff? Google and many other search engines know when our site has fluff content. Make sure to use your keyword a lot in headings, using bold and italics, at the beginning and end of every paragraph and in your meta data

Update the title, description and keyword metadata. All of these make your site more visible and appealing for your search engine to pick up and use. The more concise and keyword healthy the metadata is, the better.

Update regularly. The search engine is not going to favor your website if you have not updated your content.

Link to different bits of content in the article or blog. This helps a user to remain on your website for longer and boosts your ranking.

Make sure you have not plagiarized any content on your website. Even a single speck of plagiarized content can get your sites ranking tanked.

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Following these will help you become a successful website! 

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