What You Need To Build Your Own Website !

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If you own a business or company and want to have further a base online where clients and future prospects can contact you directly, you’re going to want a website. A website is like an online branch for your business, not only will clients be able to contact you, you can conduct an entire business online.

But building a website may seem a little out of reach for one. How do you even start? What is it going to cost? Do I need to hire someone? 

Fret not as we’ve compiled a short list to help you build your very own website:

Choose A Domain Name

You’re got to pick a name for people to search on the internet. It can and preferably should be the name of your own business who there’s no confusion. Some domain name providers such as Go Daddy have a database of all the names of websites, so you can check what’s available and what isn’t.

If you’re worried about how much it’ll cost, the maximum you’d have to pay with any provider is $20 a month. If you’re an online retailer with heavy traffic, that is a drop in the water.

Acquire a Business Email Address

Nothing screams amateur more than having a Gmail or live email address as your official email. Don’t do that. Having an email as the name of your business provides some sort of legitimacy to your business and develops trust with clients. 

Your email will also be easy to associate and remember with clients and all they’d have to remember is the name of their company. Having a company email is an easy way to gain legitimacy as building an online reputation is already hard work.

Choose How You Should Build the Website

There are two ways you can go about building your website. One is hiring an independent software developer to do it for you. The advantage of doing this is having your exact needs tailored for you as you’ll have direct communication with the developer. 

The disadvantage is of course, the time it will take and the price. Independent developers are a tad more expensive but will do the job right and efficiently.

The other option is to build your website through other websites. Websites such as WordPress, Wix or Square Space allow users to independently build websites on their own terms. It is extremely convenient to build websites through these websites as they offer templates.

Some websites offer complete freedom to design and options, through their intuitive drag and drop option, websites offer complete control to you. Tools such as online booking, video backgrounds, live map tracking, online order placing, social media features and a whole lot more are already available on these websites.

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