5 Qualities of Intelligent People

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5 Qualities of Intelligent People

In every species, there is a small group that is just a cut above the rest. Whether they’re the buck with the larger-than-normal antlers or the peacocks with the slightly grander tail, they’re simply different from the rest of their kind. Humanity is no different – intelligent people are clearly somehow different than everyone else, but how? There are several qualities about smart people that set them apart from others.

1. Learning New Things

Every intelligent person has a great attitude toward learning new things and isn’t afraid to admit that there are things they don’t know. They realize that ignorance does not mean stupid, merely uninformed. Intelligent people make an effort to fill in gaps in their knowledge and actively seek out things they do not know. They don’t need to assure themselves that they are the smartest person in the room – they are content to learn alongside everyone else, and look forward to new challenges. Smart people have a healthy curiosity that contributes more greatly to their success than any other factor about them. They are always open-minded to new ideas.


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2. Focusing on Other People

Smart people are often very focused on everyone else around them instead of themselves. They understand that success is often determined by the people around you – if you are surrounded by unsuccessful people, it’s hard to achieve it yourself. Intelligent people surround themselves with other interesting, intelligent people, and make it a point to learn from them however they can. They also care about the feelings of those around them and maintain healthy friendships. Negative people or people who do not add anything constructive to their lives are cut out.

3. Self-Reflection

Intelligent people have an attitude of self-reflection. They think about their own actions and behavior extensively in an effort to improve it. One great way to do this yourself is to keep a journal and reflect often on your decisions and the outcomes. You will also be able to take stock of things that are really important to you, and use them as a roadmap to your own success.

4. Knowing When to Take a Break

Successful people know when they need to take some time for themselves. They don’t take on more than they can handle and understand their own limitations. One way to do this for yourself is to make sure you set aside time everyday for yourself. Whether it is a half hour at night to read, or watching a few episodes of your favorite TV show, it’s important to work within your limitations.

5. Being Physically Active

Smart people take time to make sure that both their mind and their body are in tip-top shape. Maintaining a regular exercise schedule not only improves your mood, but it makes you more alert and ready to face the challenges of your life. It can be a great outlet for distressing emotions as well. Intelligent people find time to be physically active and stick to it.

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