5 Best Web Design Tips for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in 2018

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5 Basic Ideas for small businesses who are starting their website.

Web design means to create, plan and update on websites. It also involves user interface, website structure, website layout, colors, fonts, contrasts, imagery and much more. Websites are formed combined by all these elements. Website design is more than just the visual aspect. But, it is more than that. The designing includes more elements like user habits, usability, navigation logic and many other things which would help in finding the information faster on the site. It also aims to simplify the usage so that everyone can use it.


1. Keep a Visual Design style in mind

“A picture tells a thousand of words”.  Attention grabbing websites can help you seal the next deal. Having a website worth a users attention is key in marketing.

We are very visual creatures. Think about it: what did you first see on this blog: words or pictures? We are easily drawn by images and we retain information from them longer.

2 Mobile friendly – responsive design

On March 26, 2018, Google officially announced Mobile-Friendly Update. This update penalizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly


This is a must! We are living in 2018, whether we like it or not technology has a huge role in our lives. One very common piece of technology is the mobile phone.  So, responsive design is a necessary element for every website.Don’t Forget Mobile First: While this was not the focus of this post, Google is continuing to make progress towards mobile first. I suspect that before the end of 2018 you will see a large percentage of responsive web design sites get converted to mobile first crawling. Google will notify you in Search Console once they have made the switch.

3 CSS Animations – Keeping your website alive

Keeping your web site interactive can bring a great improvement to the user experience. You can quickly implement CSS animations to make boring old text stand out.

4 Easy to Navigate

The most important element of a site is the navigation menu. This is the only way for visitors to browse your site and discover and learn about your products. Therefore, it must be simple and intuitive. Make sure easy navigation is a priority when you create your design.

5 Making content easily stand out

Users may use different keywords to reach your site, so you have to highlight the main product and content of your website. Make sure the user recognizes your website’s selling point at a glance.

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