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Global App Development (Gadai) & Global Patent Development can help you bring your idea from a thought to a reality. We have the tools to provide you data and analytics on Patents or Develop electronic schematics for prototyping. What ever it takes we will Align your IP strategy with your corporate strategy. Gadai provides App Development, Patent Searches, Patent Applications, Non-Provisional Patent Applications, Marketing Campaigns, Print and many other services visit our services here.


Next-generation Innovation Management

We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our company and we focus on adding value in everything we undertake.We take responsibility for our actions and keep our promises. From the initial meeting to product delivery our process is designed for transparency and ease of use. Global Patent Development provides an unparalleled and unique approach to any step in innovation management.

Interface Design

Keeping design as a priority we keep this in mind when designing applications that connect average users to this complicated world. We should design simple and familiar user experiences with clean and friendly user interfaces that make people feel comfortable and secure while using the product. It is important to simplify the experience and interface as much as possible, and help people easily engage.


We have the capability to make products from unrefined materials by the usage of machinery provided by our manufactures and that is for the most part finished efficiently with a division of work. In a more compelled sense, Our team puts together parts into finished products on a truly significant scale.

Web and Mobile Development

Our Dedicated Development Team will take care of Designing, Coding, Project Management & QA. Use your favorite tools to chat, share files, and collaborate.

Project Strategy

We provide the tools to be able to pitch to prospective investors, lenders, partners. Our analytics and strategic project planning prepares us for a smooth flow in project development

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The first step towards inventing any new product is getting a patent. This is essential protection for securing your idea and preventing others from copying or making money off of your concept. Not only does starting the patent process guarantee that your idea is safe, it also shows companies and prospective investors that you are serious about bringing your invention to market. Unsure if your idea is original or qualifies for being patented? No problem--this process will determine whether a unique patent is available for your idea. Get started now by filling out our form. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Protect Your Idea

The invention of the patents is important as it leads to the foundation if the data foundation is accurate or it is being copied elsewhere. This is why; valuation is an important methodology.

Develop your Idea

Our business professionals will put together the right steps to be used for the developmental purposes of your projects, you are always able to customize your plan according to your specified needs. These customized plans can be made according to the specific needs of your product. There are different plans and services which can be attained just by giving us a call. We are here to bring your idea to reality.

Product Launch

It is important to keep in mind that every project is unique, there are several options to launch your product, after Global Patent Development provides all of the necessary steps. it becomes extremely important to test the proper developmental prospects of a product through correct marketing schemes.

Innovative controllers to match

At Global Patent Development (Gadai) Innovation is Combination. Our team comes from all backgrounds and experiences and we make sure to provide the best approach to innovation. First we accomplish this by asking the right questions. In order to provide you the best services for your product or idea development we must have as much detail of your idea as possible to be able explore all routes of innovation.

Industry-leading attention to detail

Getting started with our company is one click away, get started or give us a call at +1(844) 886-4430 there is NO COST, FREE CONSULTATION. Our company can provide you your best first steps or even just provide you a second opinion. But when it comes to the experts in the industry Gad.Ai exceeds expectations.

Smart Search

Talk to the professionals. Global Patent Development provides a unique approach to each project. Find out if a similar invention has already been patented with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Get Patent Pending

We have dedicated our practice exclusively to securing and preserving the intellectual property rights of our clients, including patents.

"My name is Harry Williams,and Global Patent Development is the real deal. Was unsure to trust anybody with my invention but, G.P.D. was able to bring quality results to help me achieve my goal.Thanks Brantley to you and your company for helping a retired guy better his future."
Harry Williams