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Quality code matters to us and it should matter to you. Our mission at Gadai is to provide high-end software development and consulting services to our clients that are unmatched in the industry.

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Gad.Ai is an extremely dedicated team that offers Custom Software Development, UX/UI Design & Flow and Prototyping & UXD, Research & Competitive Advantage, Maintenance And Support, Website Programming, Cyber Security and most importantly Application Development through all services they offer. All of these offerings are available through a number of different departments with QA And Testing being the part where the most vital elements come into play. In this department we do everything from proper research to testing that will need to be implemented for each project going forward so you don't have to worry about anything going wrong after investing in Gad Ai's work.

We offer a wide range of services that will cover all of your business needs. Here are some of the main fields we operate in:

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    Get your app or website built by our team of experts
  • Full-stack development to the smallest detail
  • Flexible hours that fit into your busy, demanding schedule
  • Expertise in multiple languages
  • Client portal and activity access for real time updates
  • See our portfolio for our tech stacks we can use


    Database Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • 99.9 SLA
  • Website Management
  • Client portal and activity access for real time updates


    Dedicated account manager
  • Client portal and activity access for real time updates
  • Live Chat, Text, Email we are here for you.
  • Website Management


Our company offers a full range of excellence services.

You've invested time into your business, and now it's time to invest in Gad.Ai where you can build products that will connect with your users. Turn ideas into realities with our software, AI framework, prototyping tool, blog tutorials and more!

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We offer excellence

Our developers are pros, really. They're the kind of people who have patience for perfection and an eye for detail- needless to say, that makes them great matches for our enterprise customers. Our services are designed to help unprecedented businesses thrive in digital age; we believe deep domain expertise is critical if your business does too.

Alex Founder, Gad.Ai


Gathering data on competitors, customers, and more.

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We build the highest quality software such as mobile apps.

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PWA and Websites

Building relationships between companies and audiences.

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QA And Testing

We test on rigorously, making ennsuring quality.

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UX/UI Design & Flow

Creating Simple & Usable Experiences for Digital Products.

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Providing business advice and customized assistance.

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We follow better process for better solutions


One of our project screeners will reach out and gather as much detail as possible, and present the idea to developers and upper management.


We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our portfolio. During this time, developers and management team do an overview of whether it is the right fit with both ourselves as well as your client We're committed to providing high quality service while working within budget constraints - let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

App Review

You may be wondering if you will hear back from our team. We typically contact people once the requirements for a mobile app are all lined up and ready to go! If you get a call back from us, it usually means to discuss the items required to build your mobile app. If all of these things check out and are in line with what we have on file then our proposal will be sent!


Our team of marketing experts is here to help with your app's launch strategy. We will construct a plan that achieves significant traction, and we'll make sure the brand you've been building all these years has its best chance yet on iOS or Google Play marketplace! We do all the work for you! As a client, during this time we will create an account that allows access to your projects. You can login and view real-time updates of what has been done with just one click on it's sleek interface in order make things easier than ever before. During this process you'll be given the opportunity to create a client login user account. This way, our team members can communicate with and update you on project details in real time!

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