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Gad.Ai is on a mission to change how people who build apps see themselves. From the first wireframe, to that final design update, our team believes in being intentional with every element of an app from start to finish—creating usability issues before they even occurred and decreasing development time by 15%.

Alexander Founder/Developer

Jonathan VP of Business Development

Anyelith Marketing Director

Remmar Opperations Manager

Rene Client Success

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Gad.Ai is a full-service product development company that handles everything from idea to launch for your startup, enterprise or independent developer projects. Our engineers can design and build successful apps including web presence, Android and iOS versions of the app. With an extensive portfolio spanning more than one hundred companies, Gad.Ai has unparalleled experience in designing the right strategy which will help achieve your goals efficiently by assuring high quality results without delays or issues with scalability."
You're welcome. This is a safe space - no hidden charges, no sneaky fees, everything is clear and concise for you! I know what you're trying to say. It's hard being on the seller side of the tables these days. We get it: you work your tail off crafting an amazing project specification so that everyone's expectations are met from day one (or buyer beware!), only to wait in frustration while customers negotiate price-breaks or try to renegotiate scope midstream because they've changed their minds like 12 times since receipt of your quote in August - I miss when writing specs was all fun and games... But worry not; we've got your back with our fixed-price quotes that come with clear, detailed specifications!
Gad.Ai makes rich, powerful apps that work across all your devices, including web and mobile. We use the hybrid framework of React for our UI framework because it enables us to quickly support iOS and Android platforms while reducing development time and effort by 50%.
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Gad.Ai is a development company that not only can make playstation or xbox games, just think of apps that support both iOS and Android mobile platforms. With these two popular ecosystems, this developer offers programmers the ability to use React frameworks to quickly release their product for web and mobile devices. In addition, many future Gad.Ai products promise compatibility with iOS or Android through design considerations from the get-go.
We will make sure that your code is protected by appropriate copyright or licence rights for the bespoke work we do on a project. We are transparent with intellectual property, and offer an opportunity to review our ownership terms before projects begin so you know what's going into it all!
After our 3 month guarantee, Our monthly retainer option is a great way for clients who have highly technical projects with us. Retainers are specifically tailored to what you need, and provide dedicated time throughout the month so that your website can get attention when it needs it most! - If there's something small like an updated template file or new extension pack needed on short notice - we'll set one aside just as soon as possible ́right after every project phase ends in order not skip anything important happening during this period of rapid change; because at Webflow everything happens simultaneously (well kind'a).
In some cases, yes. In others? No - but don't worry because we're here for you! Nine women delivering a baby in one month is an analogy that can be applied to tech projects too; the more developer resources dedicated towards completing them faster means victory will be achieved sooner than expected with less risk involved or any obstacles blocking progress along the way (e.g., security requirements). However if there was ever a date requirement before us...well let’s not put our hopes up just yet! Budget must be allocated before priortizing projects.
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